Take a look at what some of the many beloved clients had to say about NLFS:

I’ve trained, or should I say “Body Sculpt” as he put it, with Tony personally as well as attended many of his boot camps and I think he’s a complete A$$$#*!e!!!   But that’s what I wanted in a personal trainer!  I needed somebody that was committed to holding me accountable.  I’ve trained with several trainers through the years & Tony is one of the most knowledgable, prepared & dedicated Fitness Artist Pro’s that’s  honestly committed to seeing you achieve your goals.  I WOULD recommend him to my most worst of  enemies as well as to my most beloved, love ones.

Testimonial of Sandra Taylor

Accounts Manager, Health Smart

I have trained on-and-off with Tony for more then 3 plus years now.  I find his expertise and ability to put things in layman’s term refreshing.  He has such great patient and is very anal about detail.  He cares about his clients and them reaching their goals.  I trust, recommend & endorse Tony and his company.

Testimonial of Sri Kantamsetty

Epace Technologies

I just love Tony, he’s totally amazing.  I’ve trained with NLFS for a little over a year now and have lost 45 Lbs, 15 inchs and have gained 7 Lbs of muslce.  Tony is such the professional at all times. I would tell anybody that is serious about achieving their goal to sign up with Tony & his Fitness Artist staff team.

Testimonial of Mandi Hanks

Senior Security Specialist, IBM

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