Biography – Tony Willis

Mr. Frede’ric Antonio Willis, better known to his clients & friends as Tony, was born and raised in Texarkana, TX.  Introduced to sports & fitness at a young age Tony would begin honing his skills and athletic talents under his fathers’ guidance.   Showing promising potential on the gridiron and basketball court Tony would never reach his potential in high school due to a turbulent and dysfunctional upbringing. 


Never allowing excuses to define him as a man Tony moved to Dallas after graduating high school in 1992 and received an Associate degree in Audio & Video production from the Art Institute of Dallas in 1995.  He would mentor under Erykah Badu original manger, a gentleman named Tim Grace.  Tony would also go to work for one of the top urban radio stations (K104FM) in the DFW metroplex working with the #1 morning show Skip Murphy & Company.  All the while earning his 1st certification in Personal Training with 24Hour Fitness (1999).  It was here where Tony began formulating the vision of using music & art as an intrinsic motivational tool for fitness & sports. 


In 2003-2004 Tony would release a male poetry fitness calendar name Nu’Lennium Fitness Poetry Calendar.  Which would later become the name of his fitness & flagship company Nu’Lennium Fitness Services.  NLFS is the umbrella company of Daddyz Boy Entertainment own & operated by Mr. Willis.  It is Mr. Willis vision to redefine the ideology of holistic health & fitness into an art.  The philosophy of constantly redefine ones self physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally in ones lifetime is an art.  And if a person is to live a truly holistically healthy lifestyle it is Mr. Willis belief a person has to creatively master & balance each part of these elements.


Currently Tony holds a CPT-certification from the Cooper Institute of Aerobic as well as a Corporate Health & Wellness Coaching certification from the Spencer Institute  & is studying to get his undergrad in Kinesiology & Sports Science.  NLFS is working with Play Makers Sports to train young athletes in the southern sector of Dallas and is operating out of 3 corporate facilities and is steady growing.  It’s Tony vision to operate one of the largest Work on Wellness program in the world & it looks like he is well on his way to making that dream into a reality.   

Mr. Willis Greek God physique has helped build a brand that represent some of the most prestigious brands in the fitness modeling, Body Sculpting / personal training, music producing and song writing industries.

NLFS is not just a place that you come-to or log-on to help you sculpt a somewhat perfect physique.  To Mr. Willis NLFS is the foundation of a moral, ethical and spiritual compass for achieving holistic health or at worst a code of excellence for all of man kind.



Yours Truly,

Pretty Boy Tony (T-2Ble) Willis

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